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If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed that we now display an article level metrics widget for every journal article published since 2012. This widget displays “altmetrics” or non-traditional metrics that look at the real-time impact and reach of an article by measuring online mentions.

article level metricsThe widget includes four important features:

  • An Altmetric score that quantifies the attention the article has received online. This score takes into account news pickups, blogs, Tweets, Facebook likes, Reddit posts, and more. Each of these mentions is weighted according to the importance of the source to create the Altmetric score.
  • A donut that displays the make-up of the online mentions using a color-coded scheme
  • A key that lists the number and type of online mentions as well as the corresponding donut colors
  • A “See more details” link that takes readers to a comprehensive dashboard which details each online mention

This information is freely available—you don’t need a journal subscription or website login to access it!

We, at the journal, continue to think about how to measure the impact of each article and of our journal as a whole. While we recognize the importance of established measures like impact factor and number of citations as indicators of impact, we also want to explore new measures, like altmetrics, that reflect how our authors, readers, and researchers are sharing information in the digital world. We hope that you’ll find altmetrics as interesting and useful as we do. And we look forward to continued discussions about this new way to measure impact in scholarly publishing.

To learn more about altmetrics and how the Altmetric score is calculated, visit the Altmetric website.

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