Editorial Board Q & A: Shiphra Ginsburg

Shiphra Ginsburg photo
Shiphra Ginburg, MD, MEd, professor, department of medicine, and scientist, Wilson Centre for Research in Education, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

1. Describe your current activities.

I am currently working on a PhD through Maastricht University. I am increasingly occupied with a series of studies exploring the use of language in assessment. One of these studies, published in Academic Medicine last year, looked at the reliability and predictive value of both numeric scores and comments on in-training evaluation reports in internal medicine.

I continue to study professionalism in medicine as well, most recently with colleagues from the ABIM. We are exploring how practicing physicians navigate the professional challenges they face in day to day practice. “Doing What Might Be “Wrong”: Understanding Internists’ Responses to Professional Challenges” and “It depends: Results of a Qualitative Study Investigating How Practicing Internists Approach Professional Dilemmas” are two recent Academic Medicine articles I’ve co-authored on this topic. I also co-authored a book last year with Wendy Levinson, Catherine Lucey, and Fred Hafferty entitled, Understanding Medical Professionalism.

2. What gaps do you see in today’s scholarship?

I think the current state of academic medicine scholarship is quite diverse and robust. It seems there is research being conducted in nearly every domain imaginable, and it is increasingly inter-disciplinary, which is exciting to see.

3. Why do you read Academic Medicine?

Academic Medicine provides a unique forum for a variety of different types of articles. It promotes an interesting  blend of research, review articles, perspectives, innovations, and letters to the editor that make it essential reading for researchers, education leaders, policymakers, and teachers.

4. What issues will we be reading about in five years?

Well, of course my own bias is that we should still be reading a lot about assessment, competencies, and professionalism!

5. What book(s) are you reading right now?

One of the best books I’ve read lately (professionally) is Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword. It’s a fun read and has helped me make my own writing more clear, interesting, and compelling (at least I hope!). Thanks to Lorelei Lingard for recommending it.

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