Editorial Board Q&A: John Paul Sanchez, MD, MPH


John Paul Sanchez, MD, MPH, Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, President, Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians Inc.

Describe your current activities. 

My workweek is split between patient care in the emergency department, leading various diversity and inclusion efforts across the medical school (from high school students to faculty members), overseeing the Community-Engaged Service Learning elective, and research related to diversifying the academic medicine workforce.

What gaps do you see in the current academic medicine scholarship?

Gaps in the current academic medicine scholarship include best practices and evaluations of initiatives and programs to enhance diversity and inclusion in the physician workforce and the academic medicine workforce.

Name two to three seminal Academic Medicine articles that everyone in your field should read.

What issues will we be reading about in Academic Medicine in five years? 

I’m looking forward to reading more Academic Medicine articles on:

  1. Diverse pioneers of academic medicine, whether they represent education, service or research.
  2. The history and impact of medical organizations (for example, AAMC, NHMA, NMA, AMA, LMSA, SNMA, GLMA) in facilitating change at our academic health centers, especially in improving learner and patient outcomes.
  3. On-going and emerging health policy topics and how to become more effective health advocates.
  4. Strategies to promote diverse trainees interest and preparedness for academic medicine careers.

What book(s) are you reading right now? 

I enjoy taking my students and mentees to the summer Shakespearean performances in Central Park, NYC.  In preparation for the 2017 shows, I’ve been re-reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Ceasar.

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