Editorial Board Q&A: Peter M. Fleischut, MD

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Peter M. Fleischut, MD, associate professor of anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, and attending anesthesiologist, New York–Presbyterian Hospital, New York, New York.

1.  Describe your current activities.

I’m currently the founding director of the Center for Perioperative Outcomes (CPO) at Weill Cornell Medical College. The CPO encompasses methodological, statistical, and information technology resources within a single center to encompass operational efficiencies, quality, compliance, and outcomes research.

2. What gaps do you see in today’s scholarship?

Within current academic medicine, there is a lack of focus on innovative technologies to improve patient safety and engagement that will be key in a largely consumer-focused health care market. Curriculums should be adjusted to tie together how technology and research are not only important to science but also to the clinician and patient by assisting to identify best practices to improve patient outcomes and promote safety, quality, and satisfaction.

3. Why do you read Academic Medicine?

I read Academic Medicine to stay engaged with the training of our future leaders.

4. What issues will we be reading about in five years?

I hope we’ll be reading about innovation’s leaps and bounds and the changing educational landscape for training the doctors of the future.

5. What book(s) are you reading right now?

I’ve finally gotten around to reading The Patient Will See You Now by Eric Topol, MD, which has, of late, sparked many discussions about the future of health care, digital health, and the overall future of medicine.

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