Interview with the authors of “One Health: A Compelling Convergence”

In the January 2013 issue of Academic Medicine, Samuel T. Shomaker, MD, JD, Eleanor M. Green, DVM, and Suzanne M. Yandow, MD wrote a compelling Perspective on what they’ve been doing at Texas A&M University to improve collaboration across the scientific disciplines under the “One Health” banner. Intrigued by this joint effort from a dean of medicine, a dean of veterinary medicine, and the director of the One Health Project, Liza Karlin, a journal staff editor, interviewed all three together.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the SoundCloud player below. If you don’t have time for the full 33-minute discussion, we’ve split up the interview into eight tracks, grouped by topic.

Track 1

The authors introduce themselves, define One Health, and discuss its increased prominence. (3:22)

Track 2

The authors describe how the One Health Project began at Texas A&M and how it has evolved to encompass many departments across the University. (5:14)

Track 3

The authors discuss One Health’s foothold in veterinary medicine, how to increase the presence of human medicine in One Health, and how institutions without both veterinary and human medicine departments can participate in One Health. (11:17)

Track 4

The authors discuss our shrinking globe and the international opportunities available that are related to One Health. (2:32)

Track 5

The authors explain why they’ve never known any skeptics of One Health. (1:18)

Track 6

The authors share their advice for those who are interested in creating a One Health program at their own institution. (3:14)

Track 7

The authors discuss what they hope for the future of One Health. (4:17)

Track 8

Bonus material: Drs. Green and Yandow explain how animals can improve human health; plus natural disaster plans that take into account both the animal and the human, for everyone’s overall well-being (3:25)

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