New Academic Medicine eBook

The Ten Years of Teaching and Learning Moments eBook includes brief vignettes that chronicle the first-person experiences of teachers, students, and patients as they learn about the science and the art of medicine. This eBook commemorates the first 10 years of the Teaching and Learning Moments column in Academic Medicine and includes all essays published from 2002–2011, as well as an editorial by former Editor-in-Chief Steven L. Kanter, MD, and commentaries by Rita Charon, MD, PhD, and by Maren Batalden, MD, MPH, and Elizabeth Gaufberg, MD, MPH.

It is available to download to the iPad, Kindle, or Nook.

Also available to download for free are Academic Medicine’s first two eBooks: Professionalism in Medicine and Medical Education: Foundational Research and Key Writings, 1994–2010, and Flexner Centenary: 27 Articles About Abraham Flexner and His Legacy.

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