The June issue of Academic Medicine is now available online!

Should health care institutions exclude smokers from employment? A perspective article and accompanying commentary discuss the recent decision by a number of institutions to implement tobacco-free hiring policies. Other articles argue for expanding leadership training to include informal leaders and evaluate three national career development programs for women faculty. Keep reading below for more details on these articles. Read the entire June issue online at or on your iPad using the Academic Medicine for iPad app.

Health Care Institutions Should not Exclude Smokers from Employment
Huddle and colleagues conclude that for health care institutions, policies of hiring smokers and helping them to quit are both prudent and expressive of the norms of medical care.

Banning the Hiring of Tobacco Users:  Where’s the Fire?
Samet and colleagues review the arguments for and against policies banning the hiring of smokers, and explore the complexities of the implementation of such a policy by a state institution.

Expanding the Scope of Leadership Training in Medicine
Gabel argues that both formal and informal leaders should be trained in the personal and interpersonal competencies necessary for effective leadership to advance the goals inherent in the health care enterprise.

Perceptions of Skill Development of Participants in Three National Career Development Programs for Women Faculty in Academic Medicine 
Helitzer and colleagues evaluated how the skills gained and/or improved for women faculty who attended national career development programs varied by career stage and program attended.

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