The September issue of Academic Medicine is now available online!

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Available now to read online is the September issue of the journal. Read the entire September issue online at or on your iPad using the Academic Medicine for iPad app. Highlights include:

Standards for Reporting Qualitative Research: A Synthesis of Recommendations
O’Brien and colleagues formulated and defined standards for reporting qualitative research while preserving the requisite flexibility to accommodate various paradigms, approaches, and methods. Also, read Dr. O’Brien’s complementary blog post

Attitudes and Habits of Highly Humanistic Physicians
Chou and colleagues identified and interviewed physicians who exemplified humanistic patient care to ascertain attitudes and habits that allow them to sustain their humanistic approach.

Afraid of Being “Witchy with a ‘B’”: A Qualitative Study of How Gender Influences Residents’ Experiences Leading Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  
Kolehmainen and colleagues found that ideal code leadership embodies highly agentic, stereotypical male behaviors. In response, some female residents employ strategies to better integrate the competing identities of code leader and female gender.  

Lessons From Google and Apple: Creating an Open Workplace in an Academic Medical Department to Foster Innovation and Collaboration
Ricciotti and colleagues note that the redesigned workspace accommodates more staff in a modernized, open set-up. The authors’ observations suggest that the proximity created by the new design has facilitated cross-discipline communication and improvements in team-oriented behavior. Also, read a complementary blog post by Jane Czech at UCSF. 

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