What Role Can Academic Medicine Play in Addressing Health Care Problems?

Academic Medicine‘s Editor in Chief, David Sklar, M.D., has a Viewpoint in the AAMC Reporter this month: “How Academic Medicine Creates Synergy to Address Health Care Problems” (excerpted below). Follow the link to read the whole piece!

…we must think about other questions that recent journal submissions have not addressed. How much money can our society afford to spend on health care, and how can health care providers become good stewards of those funds, assisting our patients and policymakers in finding answers that are true to our values? We also need to think about what we can learn from other countries’ efforts to improve clinical care delivery, medical education, workforce training, and health care financing. In addition, we must find fertile environments to disseminate and implement our best ideas and models so they can grow within our health care system. How can we manage change rather than become its victims?

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