Meet the Editors: ​ Daniel J. Schumacher, MD, PhD, MEd

  1. What are your roles and responsibilities with Academic Medicine?

I am an assistant editor with Academic Medicine.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your work with Academic Medicine?

What I enjoy most about this role is playing a part in elevating people and conversations that are important to advancing ideas and dialogues in our community. Journals hold a lot of responsibility for creating space for new thoughts that can shape our future to be better than our past. Playing a role in that at a leading journal in our field is a responsibility I cherish and take professional reward from.

  1. Describe your work outside of Academic Medicine.

Outside of my work with Academic Medicine, I spend most of my time as a funded medical education researcher. There was a time in my career when I was not sure “funded” was possible in that sentence. I am grateful for mentors, sponsors, and collaborators that helped me pave a path to make my dream of defining my career around medical education research a reality. My research focuses on patient-focused approaches to resident performance assessment, namely entrustable professional activities and resident-sensitive quality measures.

  1. What was your first publication?

My first first-author publication was actually in Academic Medicine This article called attention to some of the important considerations to ensuring safe and effective residency training beyond duty hours at a time when hours were dominating the discussion.

  1. What’s making you happy right now?

I am also a pediatric emergency medicine physician, and as we find ourselves in the difficult situation of the pandemic impacting children without a vaccine for many of them right now, ensuring time and space for what makes me happy is important right now. For me, this is spending time with my daughters going to parks, kayaking, being creative, and savoring special events we plan. I look forward to when these activities can include traveling again as well!