Supporting American Indian Students in Pursuing Careers in Medicine and Science: Celebrating Research and Cultural Identity

On the Academic Medicine Podcast, hosts Toni Gallo and assistant editor for trainee engagement Lala Forrest (@Lala_Forrest) and guests Drs. Maija Holsti and Sam Hawkins discuss the Native American Research Internship program (@NARI_UofU) at the University of Utah, which is open to Native college students across the United States who are interested in pursuing biomedical careers. They describe the components of the NARI program, including its integration with the local Native elders and tribal nations, and share advice for other institutions looking to support the American Indian students in their communities.

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Holsti M, Clark E, Fisher S, et al. Lessons from the first decade of the Native American summer research internship at the University of Utah [published online ahead-of-print September 29, 2020]. Acad Med. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000003759.