Underrepresented Students’ and Physicians’ Experiences in Medicine

On the Academic Medicine Podcast, hosts Toni Gallo and Research in Medical Education (RIME) Committee chair Dr. Zareen Zaidi talk to guests Drs. Justin Bullock and Joseph Mpalirwa about their research on the experiences of underrepresented medical students and physicians in the United States and Canada. This is the final episode in a 3-part series of discussions with RIME authors about their medical education research and its implications for the field. 

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Read the articles discussed in this episode, “They Don’t See a Lot of People My Color: A Mixed Methods Study of Racial/Ethnic Stereotype Threat Among Medical Students on Core Clerkships” and “Patients, Pride, and Prejudice: Exploring Black Ontarian Physicians’ Experiences of Racism and Discrimination,” and find the complete 2020 RIME supplement, which is free to read and download, at academicmedicine.org

A transcript of this episode is available upon request from academicmedicine@aamc.org.

Further Reading

Bullock J, Lockspeiser T, del Pino-Jones A, Richards R, Teherani A, Hauer K. They don’t see a lot of people my color: A mixed methods study of racial/ethnic stereotype threat among medical students on core clerkships. Acad Med. 2020;95:S58-S66.

Mpalirwa J, Lofters A, Nnorom O, Hanson MD. Patients, pride, and prejudice: Exploring Black Ontarian physicians’ experiences of racism and discrimination. Acad Med. 2020;95:S51-S57.