Additional Writing Resources

Thanks for following along with our first-ever writing series, What’s in a Name? How to Write an Effective Title. You can read the other posts in the series here. We hope the strategies and suggestions we shared will be helpful as you write your next journal article, grant proposal, or conference abstract or revise something you’re working on now. To conclude, we want to follow up on last week’s writing exercise and share some additional resources you may find useful.


Title Writing Exercise Follow-Up
The abstract we shared in “Applying What You Learned: Title Writing Exercise” is from an Invited Commentary published in our April 2018 issue. The final title for this commentary is:

Creating Structured Opportunities for Social Engagement to Promote Well-Being and Avoid Burnout in Medical Students and Residents

This title is clear, informative, and scholarly in tone. It accurately portrays the content of the article and includes key search terms like “well-being,” “burnout,” “medical students,” and “residents,” making it easy to find via Google and PubMed. You can read the complete article here.


Additional Writing Resources
We also encourage you to check out the following resources for additional strategies for improving your writing. All are available to access and download for free.

Our resources for reviewers can also be helpful for authors, as they give you a glimpse into what reviewers are looking for when they evaluate your work. You can use the checklist in the Review Criteria for Research Manuscripts, for example, to ensure your manuscript includes the content and features a reviewer is going to check for. To that end, we also encourage you to check out the following resources for reviewers:


We plan to continue using AM Rounds to share strategies for improving your writing with an eye toward getting published and sharing your scholarship with the world. If there is a topic you’d like us to cover, please do reach out. You can leave a comment below, tweet us at @AcadMedJournal, or e-mail us at