Applying What You Learned: Title Writing Exercise

It’s time to apply what you’ve learned this week from our writing series, What’s in a Name? How to Write an Effective Title. Just a quick reminder that this series is based on a workshop the Academic Medicine editorial staff developed, so the terminology and examples we use are from Academic Medicine. However, you can apply these strategies to articles you’re writing for other journals, other scholarly publications, grant applications, conference abstracts, and more. You can read “Strategies for Writing Effective Titles, Parts 1 and 2” as well as the other posts in this series here.


Using the strategies we’ve discussed this week, write a title for the abstract below.

Remember, effective titles are informative, interesting, and as concise as possible. They represent the content of the article without giving away the conclusions and include key words to optimize searches and few, if any, acronyms.

Increasing attention is being paid to medical student and resident well-being, as well as to enhancing resilience and avoiding burnout in medical trainees. Medical schools and residency programs are implementing wellness initiatives that often include meditation and other mindfulness activities, self-reflection, journaling, and lectures or workshops on resilience tools such as metacognition and cognitive restructuring. These interventions have in common the creation of opportunities for trainees to become more aware of their experiences, to better recognize stressors, and to regulate their thoughts and feelings so that stressors are less likely to have harmful effects. They often enable trainees to temporarily distance themselves mentally and emotionally from a stressful environment. In this Invited Commentary, the author suggests that medical school leaders and residency program directors should also create structured opportunities for trainees to establish meaningful connections with each other to provide greater social support and thereby reduce the harmful effects of stress. Social connection and engagement, as well as group identification, have potential to promote well-being and reduce burnout during training.


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Next week, we’ll feature some highlights from the responses we receive and share additional resources for writing. You can find the complete What’s in a Name? How to Write an Effective Title series here.