Meet the Editors: Bridget O’Brien

What are your roles and responsibilities with Academic Medicine?

I am a deputy editor. I review 5-8 new manuscripts per week along with all that come back from review and back with revisions. I also participate in monthly calls with the editorial team, write/contribute to editorials, and contribute to discussions about journal policy.

What do you enjoy most about your work with Academic Medicine?

There are 2 things I enjoy most:

1.  The opportunity to learn about a wide range of research topics and diverse methodologies. It really keeps me on my toes and challenges me to keep learning so I can make good decisions and provide guidance that I hope will be helpful to authors. 

2. Working with the editorial team at Academic Medicine. I learn so much from the other editors and staff, especially hearing how others might evaluate a manuscript or think through a tough decision.

Describe your work outside of Academic Medicine.

I am an education scientist in the Center for Faculty Educators at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine (UCSF).  I spend much of my time teaching, mentoring and collaborating with fellows, faculty, and masters/PhD students who are pursuing advanced training in health professions education. I also lead and collaborate with colleagues around the world on various research and writing projects.  

What was your first publication?  

It was in Academic Medicine! Okay, truthfully, I had one with my advisor in grad school, but I don’t count that one.

O’Brien B, Cooke M, Irby DM. Perceptions and attributions of third-year student struggles in clerkships: Do Students and Clerkship Directors Agree? Acad Med. 2007;82:970-978.

What’s making you happy right now? 

At work, I have the great pleasure to work with my colleagues in the Center for Faculty Educators and the fellows and doctoral students at UCSF on interesting, exciting studies that push my thinking! Outside of work, I enjoy the beautiful hiking trails around me and my spunky little chiweenie Maddie who loves to get out and explore them!