Meet the Editors: John Coverdale, MD, MEd

What are your roles and responsibilities with Academic Medicine?

I am blessed to have the role of associate editor. It is a challenging one. Most of my work is judging articles for their suitability of publication, which is a several hour per week commitment. Another responsibility is to shape the direction of Academic Medicine in small ways by contributing to decisions on what gets published, by occasional editorial writing which directs attention to what is important, and by closely collaborating with my wonderful editor colleagues. 

What do you enjoy most about your work with Academic Medicine?

I enjoy reading all the submissions that cross my desk. There are so many outstanding and creative authors to admire and envy for their ideas and skills. This enables me to stay (relatively) informed and on top of some of the issues of the day.

Describe your work outside Academic Medicine.

I am a full time clinical psychiatrist treating a very vulnerable population of patients with major mental disorders. I also codirect an anti-human trafficking program.

What was your first publication?

My first publication was a solo authored paper written when I was a preclinical medical student: Doctor-Patient Communication: The Example of Communicating with the Peptic Ulcer Patient. This was an attempt to see if there was a gap between what family practitioners thought their patients should know about their disease and what patients did in fact know. For example, as I recall, I had patients draw their stomachs which the family practitioners judged for their anatomical accuracy – what fun!  

What’s making you happy right now?

My family makes me very happy. I have a fantastic wife and wonderful children. My oldest recently married an excellent person and she is now pregnant, so I am excited to become a grandfather [Update: John’s daughter gave birth last week to a healthy baby girl!]. I couldn’t ask for more. The photo above shows my wife and 3 children.