Resident Well-Being During COVID-19 and Beyond

On the Academic Medicine Podcast, hosts Toni Gallo and assistant editor Dr. Will Bynum (@WillBynumMD) and guests Drs. Mike Kemp, Samantha Rivard (@rivardsj), and Joceline Vu (@jocelinevu) discuss the clinical learning environment and resident well-being during COVID-19. They describe efforts by the University of Michigan Department of Surgery to support trainee wellness during COVID and how their work will continue beyond the pandemic.

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Further Reading

Kemp MT, Rivard SJ, Anderson S, et al. Trainee wellness and safety in the context of COVID-19: The experience of one institution [published online ahead of print November 17, 2020]. Acad Med. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000003853.