Experiences of Trainees and Physicians from Minoritized Communities

On this episode of the Academic Medicine Podcast, joining hosts Toni Gallo and Research in Medical Education (RIME) Committee member Javeed Sukhera, MD, PhD, to discuss their research on the experiences of trainees and physicians from minoritized communities in the United States and Canada are Taryn Taylor, MD, MEd, Nicole Rockich-Winston, MS, PharmD, EdD, Tim Mickleborough, PhD, and Tina Martimianakis, PhD. They address creating safe and brave spaces to discuss bias and discrimination, how professional norms may be harmful to those from minoritized communities, and fostering inclusive learning and practice environments.

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This is the second episode in a 3-part series of discussions with RIME authors about their medical education research and its implications for the field. Find the complete 2021 RIME supplement, which is free to read and download, at academicmedicine.org.

Read the articles discussed in this episode:  

“When No One Sees You as Black”: The Effect of Racial Violence on Black Trainees and Physicians

(Re)producing “Whiteness” in Health Care: A Spatial Analysis of the Critical Literature on the Integration of Internationally-Educated Health Care Professionals in the Canadian Workforce

A transcript of this episode is available at academicmedicineblog.org.

Further Reading

Mickleborough TO, Martimianakis MA. (Re)producing “Whiteness” in health care: A spatial analysis of the critical literature on the integration of internationally educated health care professionals in the Canadian workforce. Acad Med. 2021;96:S31–S38.

Wyatt TR, Taylor TR, White D, Rockich-Winston N. “When no one sees you as Black”: The effect of racial violence on Black trainees and physicians. Acad Med. 2021;96:S17–S22.